In this article, you can read about the Home Screen, the starting point of RecMan.

Example of the Home Screen view:


Below you will see a list of information for each point in the image above.

Point 1 – Navigation line

In this row, you have buttons that quickly navigate you to other modules in the system. You will only see those that are enabled for your user or company. In our view, we have all permissions activated. At the bottom, you always have an "i" button that will lead you to the relevant help article. The buttons are from top to bottom:

Plus_icon.png Plus, or "Create new" button gives the possibility to easily create various entities like projects, companies, job posts etc. 
nav-home.png Home – This button takes you to your home screen should you be in another module.
nav-crm.png CRM – Your customer database. Here you will find companies that have been entered into the system – cloud-based CRM software. You also have the option to create new ones.
nav-calendar.png Calendar – Here, you will find your own calendar and staffing plan for planning shifts.  
nav-candidate.database.png Candidate database – Overview of all candidates in their system. They can either be entered by the candidate themselves, or they can be entered manually. Job postings – In this module, you will find their job advertisements. Here you get an overview of already published, archived and expired job advertisements, as well as the fact that you can create new ones.
nav-economy.png Economy – Here, you will find a nice overview of the finances that have been added via RecMan. You also have access to products, orders and invoices in this module.
nav-projects.png Projects – Under Projects, you will find an overview of all their projects. Here you will also find payroll, staffing plan and hourly approvers. Logged work – In this module, you handle all hours/work performed. Approval of hours, make everything clear payroll and invoicing.
nav-bi.png BI – Under this option – business intelligence, you will find reports, budgets and dashboards. Everything about reporting and numbers will be available here.
nav-settings.png Settings – Here, you will find all of the settings in RecMan. If you want to know more about what you can see here, you can look at this page.

Point 2 – Top-bar

Below, we will review what every button on the top bar does, from left to right.

Screenshot 2023-07-27 at 10.15.03.png

Search – Here, you will find a master search. With this search, you can search across the modules.

New updates – Read about system updates in RecMan and find out about new features. 

Tasks – This button takes you to the task center, where you can delegate tasks to yourself or colleagues. Read more here.

Email – This button takes you to our email module, where you can synchronize your job email and link emails to customers and candidates, among other things.

Messages – Here, you can send messages to your employees or employees at work who use the RecMan Employee app. Read more about this feature here.

Notifications – Here, your notifications will appear; this can be in the form of new candidates, assignments, agreements etc.

Profile – Here, you will find your profile, where you get a quick little overview of your own profile, with the opportunity to change it. This is also where you change the RecMan language.

Arrow – This button shows your calendar and active co-workers.

Point 3 – Dashboard

This is your dashboard. Here you get a small overview of the system, and the system administrator decides what is shown here. Here it will be possible to adapt the information to each employee, and this allows you to take full advantage of the system with personal home pages with only the information that is relevant to him. Note that you can also change between several dashboards if you have several distributed to your user. Read more about this feature here.

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