In this article, you can read about the Files module, where you can easily upload files and share them with co-workers or candidates.

Files and documents in the cloud

RecMan has a built-in document archive to upload files (pictures, PDFs, Word Files, etc.). This document generator lets you create simple documents and gives you the ability to link to external online documents. You may also create folders and create your own document hierarchy based on this.

This document archive also has sharing options, both internally with your co-workers and externally with candidates and employees. You may also keep it visible only for yourself.


Hover over the blue Home icon and select Files.


To add an element, click +Add in the top right corner.


Here, you get the option to add a Folder, a Link, a Document or upload a File. By default, anything added will only be visible to you, and you will have to share it in order to give access to colleagues.


Changing your files

To delete, move, edit the sharing options or change a filename, first click the checkbox next to a file. You will then get a row of buttons on the top of the screen.


It means that you can check several files at once to delete, move or change, sharing several files at once.


Should you not be able to see the checkbox as displayed above, this means that you are not the owner of the file or that you are not a Files administrator.

As well as regular files, you may add links to your Files. After pressing +Add, you click Add Link. You may then give the link a name, as well as paste the actual URL. You can also choose whether the link should be shared or not.

This URL can be to virtually any online website; however, you can also link to shared files or folders stored elsewhere online. For instance, a Google Docs document you are working with or a Sharepoint folder. Should you paste a link to a Google Docs document, you and your colleague can work on the same document simultaneously. Documents uploaded into the Files will have to be downloaded, changed and re-uploaded; however, you can avoid this by using links.

Adding a text document 

In order to create a new Text Document, you press the +Add button and choose Create document. You are immediately allowed to define the name of your document and set the sharing settings.

Once saved, your document will open. This document will only be available in RecMan and can be changed without downloading and changing it.

As you can see, you use the same text editor you are familiar with from other places in the system, with a few added functions.

In Files, this document will have a cloud icon. This file may also be shared or moved, just like a regular file.


When creating or changing your text document, it is saved automatically in the text editor.



In Files, you have several sharing options. You can share your files with your co-workers or with candidates/employees.

To change the sharing settings for a file or document, please select the file by clicking the checkbox next to it. Select the icon with the person and + symbol from the row of buttons that appear on the top of the screen.


You will then see the sharing settings for your chosen file.



Please note the sharing settings which appear when you click the sharing buttons do not actually define which settings you have set. You will always see Shared as Shared internally and RecMan-page as Not shared. To see the current sharing status, see the Sharing column in Files.

Under Shared, you have two options. By default, when you upload a file or add a document, this is set to Private. If you wish to share the file with your co-workers, select Shared internally (Co-Workers) and press Save.

Under RecMan-page, you have several options, which we will go through here.

  • Not shared – Not shared with any candidate or employee.
  • Shared with all candidates – This means that all candidates who currently have a profile or create one in the future will have this document available on their profile page.
  • Shared with all employees – This shares the document with all current and future employees. A candidate is classified as an employee when they are Approved for staffing.
  • Available to share with candidate – This enables you to share this document with candidates of your choosing. The chosen candidates will be able to see this document in their candidate profiles immediately.

Sharing files with selected candidates

After making a file available for sharing with selected, you get to decide which candidates to share it with. This is done directly from the main window in the Candidate Database.


Select one or more candidates from the list. Here you can apply filters in order to find the candidates you wish to share the file with. Once selected, a row of buttons appears on the top of the image. Here you click the button to the far right.

Once pressed, you will get a list of the candidates you have selected as well as a list of any files available for sharing. Check the files you wish to share with your candidates and click Share. The candidates will be able to view the file on their candidate profile instantly.

While your files have sharing settings for sharing the files internally with candidates or co-workers, you can also share the files with external parties. This is done via the Shareable Link.


Click the chain icon on the same line as the file you wish to share. This will open a new screen where the actual link is.


This link can, in turn, be copied and pasted into emails, instant messages and more and will instantly be available to the recipient.

In Files, you can filter what you see. The buttons on top do as follows:

  • Candidate files – Lets you view files saved to a candidate card; you have to search for the candidate
  • Company files – Lets you view files saved to a company- or project card; you have to search for the project or customer
  • Shared with me – See only files shared with you
  • Mine – Show only files you have uploaded and are the owner of
  • Folder – Limits your view to only folders
  • Files – Shows only files, no folders
  • Documents – Only shows documents created directly in the file archive


The buttons will turn green as you push them; this means that the filter is active. Press the same button again to remove the filter.

Accepted file types

The file types accepted in RecMan as of 8 Nov 2022 are:

'doc', 'ics', 'eml', 'docx', 'gif', 'tif', 'dotx', 'potx', 'xltx', 'docm', 'jpg', 'mov', 'csv', 'xml', 'key', 'nda', 'dat', 'jpeg', 'rtf', 'pptx', 'mp4', 'pdf', 'msg', 'png', 'ppt', 'xls', 'numbers', 'odt', 'svg', 'xlsx', 'xlsm', 'txt', 'tiff', 'psd', 'eps', 'ai', 'json', 'zip', 'pages', 'rar', 'pps', 'pptm'

If you are adding pictures in RecMan, for example, on a candidate, customer, or other pictures, these are the accepted file types:

'jpeg', 'gif', 'jpg', 'png', 'tiff'

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