In this article, you can read about some of the measures taken by RecMan to ensure compliance with the General Data Protection, GDPR.

Customizable policy for personal protection, terms and conditions and cookies

You, as a client, have the possibility to define policies (texts) regarding personal protection, terms and conditions and the use of cookies. RecMan offers standard texts for this, but it is the client’s responsibility to see that the texts correspond to the actual usage of the data and to make relevant adjustments to them. You can read more about how to change the texts here.

Please note

This functionality is only available in the new RecMan candidate portal. Clients are constantly being transferred to the new portal, but as this is manual work, clients are being processed one at a time. If you need to transfer to the new candidate portal right away, please contact us at

Two-factor authentication

A simple add-on for two-factor authentication is activated per user (co-worker). It is also possible to turn on two-factor authentication for the signing of documents and when opening candidate presentations. More information about this is available in this article.

Electronic presentations of candidates

You can send candidate presentations electronically with an expiration date set to be in control of the information that is distributed. RecMan also offers two-factor authentication related to this. Please contact our support staff for assistance with how to configure this functionality. You can get more information about the candidate presentations in this article.


A captcha is used to verify that it is an actual person trying to open a document, register to the system, or the like. RecMan uses the Google Captcha system, which is an industry-standard. In RecMan, electronic documents linked to the system (agreements, order confirmations, candidate presentations, etc.) will have a captcha to avoid robots indexing the documents. Read more about Captcha in this article.

Data portability

Users (co-workers) can easily export data electronically to JSON or PDF formats if they wish to view the information about them that is stored in the system. You can read more about it in this article.

Delete candidates

System users have the possibility to delete candidates. This is made by first filtering the candidates based on a user-defined period relating to when the candidates were created/added. Access to this functionality is based on access rights at a user level in the system.

Candidate database basics

The candidate card explained

GDPR candidate base

Within the system, you have access to the GDPR candidate base, making it much easier to follow the rules and regulations.

Get more information about this in this article.

Add, edit and delete your own candidate information

The candidate is able to add, edit and delete their own candidate information.

The candidate also can delete their entire profile. It can be made from the candidate profile in the system.

Individual access control for co-workers

Access rights and permissions to various information and functionality within the system can be defined per user (co-worker). Learn more about access control in this article.

General about GDPR

More about GDPR in general here.

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