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In this article, you can read about company contact persons in RecMan.


You find your company contact persons in the systems CRM – Both on the card of the customer they belong to, as well as the company contact person overview. This overview can be found in the navigation line while you hover over CRM.

In the company contact person overview, you can see all existing contacts, and you also have several filters you can use to find the contact you are looking for. Below you can see a description of every field:


  1. Search – Here, you can apply different filters in order to find the company contact persons you are looking for. The available filters are:
    • Company – Filter based on what company in your CRM the contact belongs to.
    • Company relation – Allows you to filter on companies with different relationship statuses, for instance, Customer (A) or Prospect (C).
    • Co-workers – This filter lets you look up what contacts are connected to your co-workers.
    • Permissions – Here, you can filter on what permissions the company contacts have, for instance, Approve work or Delete work.
    • Newsletter – Filters who are set to Yes or No under newsletter in the system.
    • Tasks – Should a company contact be connected to one or more tasks in the system, you can use this filter to find them.
    • Terms of service accepted – This filter is only visible if you have enabled the feature to have company contact persons agree to terms of service. You can read more about this feature further down.
    • Company pipeline - You can select the company pipeline here. The drop-down list appears if this option is selected. 
    • Attribute – Lets you filter based on attributes, in this case, Contact Person attributes.
    • Company Attributes – Should you look for company contact persons who are connected to companies with certain Company Attributes assigned to them.
  2. Refresh – You can click this symbol to reset all filters and restart your search.
  3. In this part of the screen, you can see the current results of your search. You can see the company contact person’s picture, name, company, at what time they were last contacted, and more.
  4. Here you can select how many listings you would like to see at one time.
  5. In this field, you can search for company contact persons by name.
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