Frequently Asked Questions – CRM

Cannot create two customers with the same organization number
  1. Create the customer with a fictitious org. number.
  2. Go in to change/edit the org. number to the real one afterward.
How do I add subprojects to old/existing customers?
  1. Enter the customer card for the customer.
  2. Select Edit Invoice Information.
  3. Here you select Yes in the field for Project invoicing.
  4. You now get a separate box in the customer card where you can add subprojects.
How can I email all CRM contacts?
  1. When you are in the CRM overview, select all companies you want to receive an email.
  2. Press the email button.
  3. Then you will get a Send email screen where you can send emails to all contacts you have registered at the relevant companies in the CRM.

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