Agreement overview explained

This is a guide made for the user to understand better the agreement overview page.


How to get to the agreement overview

To get to the agreement overview page, you need to click on the project module in the navigation menu and select Agreements.


Agreement overview – Layout

In the picture above, you can see the agreement overview. Follow the numbered steps to understand what the different areas on the agreement overview page mean:

  1. In this area, you can use different types of filters. The filter makes it easier for you to find the agreements you are looking for. You can choose to see the signed, unsigned, or canceled, or choose to view all agreements. You can filter down on different corporations, and departments, as well as search on the name of the company. If you want to filter on a co-worker or yourself, you can do it from the dropdown menu at the bottom.
  2. This is where you see the name of the project/customer. You can also see the name of the agreement (This has been blurred for privacy reasons).
  3. This area gives the most important information on this page. If you hover over the different icons, you will get the following information:
    • The letter icon shows if the agreement has been sent.
    • The eye icon shows if the customer has looked at the agreement.
    • By hovering over the person icon, you can see which co-worker is responsible for the agreement.
    • By clicking on the pencil icon, you will open the agreement. The pencil icon means that the agreement has not been signed. If it has been signed, the same area will show a green checkmark; if it has been canceled, it will show a red stop icon (look at the pictures below).

Agreement signed


Agreement canceled

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