Candidate Pipeline (Project)

Following is an explanation of the candidate pipeline connected to each project.

In our other Help Center article, we explain the candidate pipeline related to applicants that have applied to a job posting. But creating a job post is not a requirement for using the candidate pipeline feature, so you could, e.g., work separately with candidates who have applied for a position and candidates you have searched for (either externally or from the candidate base module).

Let us begin by looking at an illustration of how the system is structured:


Central in RecMan is the project. The project can be associated with multiple job postings. Each job posting has one associated candidate pipeline.

In addition, you have one (open) candidate pipeline per project.

Finally, the system also has the view My Pipeline, which lists all candidates you (you as a user) have in all pipelines regardless of which project or job advert the candidate is connected to. The My Pipeline view can be found either by navigating to the candidate base and then clicking on the candidate pipeline or by being inside any candidate pipeline and clicking on the silhouette icon on the top (named My pipeline).


The project candidate pipeline

In the illustration, we saw that each project has an associated candidate pipeline. In this pipeline, we add candidates manually – either from the candidate base or directly from a candidate card.

From the candidate card:


From the candidate base:



Candidates should only be added ONCE per project. When already added to the candidate pipeline, you just move the candidate through the different pipeline steps via drag&drop.

In addition to showing candidates that are in the project’s candidate pipeline, the pipeline also shows the candidates that are in the candidate pipeline on the various job post pipelines associated with the project.

The candidate pipeline associated with the project thus shows an overall (aggregated) view of all candidates in the pipeline on all job postings + all candidates tied directly to the project process.

In reference to the illustration, a project candidate pipeline will show candidates in the pipeline of job post A, the pipeline of job post B and, of course, the candidates in the (open) project candidate pipeline.

The easiest way to navigate between the different candidate pipelines is to use the search field inside the candidate pipeline view. When searching, the system will suggest pipelines connected to projects, job postings or different Co-workers’ pipelines (My pipeline).


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