Invoice / credit note export to 24SevenOffice

Turn on 24SevenOffice as an option for invoice export

Go to System settings -> Economy -> Invoice Export, and check 24SevenOffice as an option for invoice export. Then 24SevenOffice will appear as a choice in the invoice overview when you have ticked the relevant invoices.

Unlike several other of our invoice export options, you do not need to enter additional information for the products in the product overview in RecMan to connect this to 24SO. The only thing that is included from RecMan is the product number, and it will be matched automatically inside 24SevenOffice. If the product is not in 24SO, the export will automatically create this product in 24SO with the product number and name from RecMan.


Important if you are or have an accountant. The clientID is not supported in this integration. The account entered below will therefore be linked to the standard client set up in the 24SO account. So if you have several clients in the account, it is a good idea to create a separate account for this integration.

Enter username and password

From System settings -> Economy -> Departments -> 24SevenOffice, you can click Edit and enter the username and password of the 24SevenOffice user.


Export files to 24SevenOffice

From Economy -> Invoices, you now have the possibility to export the files to 24SevenOffice by selecting the relevant invoices and clicking on the 24SevenOffice. This is a fully automatic export, i.e., when you press the button, the system starts exporting the invoices, and you can see in your 24SevenOffice account that everything goes over automatically.


In the receipt screen (example above), you can follow the status of the transfer of the invoices. In this example, you can see that you get an error message because:

  • some of the invoices already exist in 24SevenOffice
  • some invoices are still in transfer status (work wheel)
  • one of the invoices gets the error message login, i.e., the invoice belongs to a department where you have not entered username and password,
  • most invoices have a green checkmark indicating that the transfer is complete. 

This is what it looks like inside 24SevenOffice: Invoice

Screenshot from 24SevenOffice

As you can see, the 7 invoices that were approved from the file transfer are in this overview.

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