Aon (formerly Cut-e) – Setup and functionality

In this article, you will learn how to send out Aon assessments to candidates and to view the results through our Aon integration.

Activate Aon in RecMan

To set up the Aon integration in RecMan, proceed as follows:

  1. Contact Aon and inform them that you wish to set up Aon in your RecMan system.
  2. Aon will contact us or give you the necessary information to pass along to our technicians.


The setup comes with a small fee.

Enabling Aon on your user


To enable Aon on your user, contact a system administrator or go to System settings -> Co-workers (Users) -> scroll down and find the option under Integrations (look at the picture above).

In System settings -> Recruiting, you can find more information regarding this and other integrations.


Sending assessments to candidates


A line of choices appears at the top after marking the candidates in the application overview. Select the Aon button.


  1. Candidates that have been selected.
  2. Pick the relevant Aon assessments.
  3. Confirm your choice with the Create button.

After the test is generated, you will see a green checkmark in front of the candidate's name and the possibility to send an email containing a link to the test out to the candidates.

Evaluating the reports

Click on the Aon button at the bottom of the applications page. We will be breaking down the different areas below:


For mScripts regarding Aon, click here.


This is the overview of where you work with the candidates after the tests have been sent out. As we can see, it contains various data and options.

  1. Here you can pick the norm against which the results will be checked.
  2. Choose which tests you want to generate a report for.
    You can also use this to fetch results manually if they do not show up.
  3. Click to generate a report or fetch results.
    When a document is generated, it will also create a copy under Files on the candidate card.

If you want a norm to be the default, please get in touch with RecMan support.


In this view, you choose which report you want, which norm you want the results against and in what language you want the report. Then you click the button to generate it.


The Two circular arrows button to the left will reset a test.

When a candidate has completed the test(s) you have sent, the grey eye will change to a green checkmark. If it's In progress you will see a symbol of an hourglass.

A JSON file that you can click on, which will give you a lot more result data so you can evaluate the information in RecMan.

This is where the report you generate will show up. It can be downloaded by clicking on the icon.

The score will be updated once the candidate is finished with the test.


Aon admin
A link to your Aon admin site that you can use as a backup in case some work has to be done manually, like deleting a test.

Aon Test URL
A link to the tests was sent to this candidate. So if the candidate doesn’t find the link, you can copy this and send it or check the box to the left and send an email again with the attached mScript.


The employees at RecMan do not have the required knowledge or certifications to give you information about the statistics shown. Please get in touch with Aon for this kind of information.

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