Email settings (for admin)

E-mail under system settings.

To secure email deliverability for all users in your RecMan system, it is important to set up mail settings correctly. Setting up all alternatives (SMTP, DKIM and SPF) will give you the highest possible deliverability for emails. Email settings are a part of system settings, and you will need super admin permission for access.


RecMan does not guarantee email delivery unless email settings have been configured and set up correctly.

In Email settings, you will find 6 different options, as shown in the picture below. Further down in this article, we will explain these step by step.


Sent emails

This is an overview of sent emails and message info. See the picture and read more about this step by step.


  1. Refresh – Refreshes the sent email list.
  2. Server – Here you can see which server has been used for delivering the email.
  3. Warning symbol – Indicates error when sending an email. Press the email row to get more information.
  4. Processed and Delivered –First, the server will start with sending out the email, and there are 3 different statuses for this: Processing, Processed and Failure. When processed, the email receiver will send back a status message if delivered correctly or if it failed.
  5. Send errors – If there are errors in step 4, you will be able to read more in detail here about what caused the error. Most useful is the Description in the error message.



The outbox view lists all the emails in a queue waiting to be sent.

Failed to send email

This view lists all emails that failed when being processed or delivered.


  1. Press the email row to access more information.
  2. Here you will see more detailed information about the status of this undelivered email. Most importantly, look at the description under Send errors to get you on the right track when analyzing and solving the error.


Domain Keys Identified Mail is an email authentication technique that allows the receiver to check that an email was indeed sent and authorized by the owner of that domain. This is done by giving the email a digital signature.


SPF should be set up before DKIM.

In this article, you can read about the setup, validation and testing: DKIM


Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is a protocol for sending email and uses a process called store and forward. SMTP ensures that your email moves on to and across networks. SMTP works closely with something called the Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) to send your communication to the right computer and email inbox.


We highly recommend setting up SMTP as a minimum to ensure your email deliverability.

In this article, you can read about the setup, validation and testing: SMTP.


Sender Policy Framework is a method for email authentication designed to detect sender addresses during the delivery of the email. SPF allows the receiving mail server to check during mail delivery that mail claiming to come from a specific domain is submitted by an IP address authorized by that domain’s administrators.

In this article, you can read about the setup, validation and testing: SPF.

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