Challenges with candidate login

In this article, you will find some simple steps to follow if you have login issues as a candidate.

Wrong article? To recover your password as a RecMan user, read: Forgotten password.

Here you can find some easy steps to recover your password as a candidate/employee:


  1. Go to the candidate/employee login and click "Forgot your password?"
  2. Enter the email associated with your candidate profile.

You will then be sent an email with a link to reset your password (valid for 48 hours). When the email is received, follow the instructions on how to reset your password.

Further troubleshooting

1. Check the domain (
All candidate profiles are associated with one domain under a company, so it is important to check that you are trying to log in to the correct domain where the candidate profile has been registered. If you request a password on the wrong email, you will receive an email saying that no user exists with that email in the system.

If you are using the RecMan Employee app, you also have to select the correct domain before logging in, as shown below:


2. Check that the email has been entered correctly.
Check that you have written the email correctly without any typos or spaces. If you suspect the email contains a space, you can try logging in using it, or you can ask a RecMan administrator to check the registered email and remove it.

3. Duplicate profiles
Duplicate profiles can happen in some cases where different emails are used to register the same candidate and can cause issues when trying to log in. To solve this, a RecMan administrator can:

  • Merge the duplicate, but make sure to merge it from the profile with the most information as to ensure no relevant data is lost.
  • Delete the duplicate with the least data.
  • Remove the login email from the duplicate, as this means you won't be able to log in to it.

To reset a password as a RecMan administrator

To reset the password for a candidate, go to the candidate profile and click candidate login, which suggests a new password that can be sent to the candidate's email (see below).


On the candidate profile, you can also verify the registered email and check if it contains any spaces.

If you continue to experience challenges, please contact our support via for further assistance.

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