EHF (Peppol) invoice

Transmission of EHF in RecMan.

In order to be able to send invoices via EHF, a separate agreement with RecMan must be in place. To turn this on, go to System Settings -> Economy -> Invoice Export. Mark EHF reception and it will be available in the system.

Illustration of the EHF process

Below, the EHF process is explained from RecMan to the customer's financial system. 

Economy module in RecMan -> Sender's server access -> Receivers server Access -> Customers economy system.


Make sure you check if you get a thumbs up or thumbs down when sending EHF, as you will always receive a status receipt when you send an EHF from RecMan. If you get a thumbs down, you must check that the organization number is set correctly on the customer and then resend.

Make sure that the company number or EHF company number is defined on the customer if you want to send an EHF invoice. It is also important that this is an org. number that is registered for receiving EHF.

Customer names that are included on the EHF invoices are retrieved from the customer name in RecMan, and the place of delivery is retrieved from the delivery address you registered on the customer card.

To check if the customer can receive EHF invoices and which org. Numbers can receive EHF invoices; you can go to ELMA and enter the customer's org number.


For prices, you can see your license agreement or contact our support.

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