Postponed email delivery

How to send an email at a later time.

You can choose to postpone an email to be sent to your candidates. This means that you can set a time for the email to be sent instead of the moment you click send.

Postpone an email

For example, if you have 10 candidates to reject, and the email you are going to send to them is completed by 10:00, you can choose to have this sent out at 14:00 instead or another day if desired.

How to delay an email

This is done from the same place you send out a regular email. For example, from the Candidate Card, click on Dialogue and Send email.


You can see a Delay button to the right of the menu. This will open a box, where you can set a date and time for when you want the email to be sent.


The message that appears after hitting the Delay button.

When the email is finished with the desired date and time, you can send it as usual.

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