Integration with Tripletex API

Setup in Tripletex (step 1)

The first thing to do is create an API key in Tripletex. To access these features in Tripletex, you must have Admin access.


Make sure the user creating the API key has write access. Otherwise, you will experience problems with transfer at a later time.


  1. Tap Company in the Tripletex main menu.
  2. Then select Our customer page.
  3. Enable API 2.0.
  4. Approve Agreement on integration access.
  5. Tap Employees in the menu.
  6. Tap the name of the employee.
  7. Tap MORE in the top menu.
  8. Select API access.
  9. Press NEW KEY.
  10. Tick Custom setup.
  11. Select All accesses.
  12. Write: RecruitmentManager.
  13. Type: recman-key.
  14. Press CREATE KEY.
  15. Copy User Key ID.


Do you struggle with the transfer even after the setup? Make sure that "Has sales outside the VAT Act" is turned on. This can be found in AccountingSettingsVAT Settings.


Setup in RecMan (step 2)

Once you have generated an API key in Tripletex, go into RecMan and on to System settings Economy → Invoice export and tick the Tripletex API.


Then follow the steps below:

  1. Select the department you want to connect Tripletex to.
  2. Scroll down the page and find Tripletex.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Enter the API key from Tripletex.
  5. Tap Connect. Integration
  6. Choose a department and/or subunit (underenhet) from Tripletex to connect.

Tripletex API integration is now available in the system, both on invoice and salary. We still have to turn on the buttons for the Tripletex API to be able to send it over.


We do not send over attachments for Tripletex.

Invoice export

To turn on Tripletex API export for Invoice, go to System settingsEconomyInvoice export and check the box for Tripletex API.

Invoice export to Tripletex via API is now activated and can be used. See the picture below of what it looks like in the invoice overview.


In addition to information about each individual invoice, the product number is also transferred to Tripletex. This must match the products entered in Tripletex so that accounts and VAT are correct.



To turn on Tripletex API integration for salary export, go to System SettingsStaffingExport and tick the Tripletex API.


Salary export to the Tripletex API is now available in the system. To export to the Tripletex API, go to the Paychecks screen, highlight one or more articles, and press the Tripletex API button that appears on top. When you do this, time records, articles and employees are automatically transferred to Tripletex.


Error messages


Error message: InvoiceSendMethod - Customer can not receive EHF documents.

Solution: Change Invoice Settings to Send Invoice to Company to Email.


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