Common error messages for export to financial system

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NB. Some of the error messages shown under have been translated from Norwegian to English.


# Status Code Message/description
1 401 3000 Unauthorized. This employee token is for a user that is no longer allowed to log in.
2 422 18000 Validation failed. The automatically assigned number x is in use. This can happen, e.g., because there is an imported order or project with the same number. Enter the number manually or change the number of the existing order or project.
3     Validation failed. NationalIdentityNumber - Invalid format.
4     Validation failed. - The employment relationship must be linked to a business/subunit.
5     Validation failed. employee - Employee no. x is not registered with an employment relationship during the period.
6     Validation failed.: NationalIdentityNumber - National identity number and date of birth do not match.
7     Create customer failed. Field: invoiceSendMethod - The customer cannot receive EHF documents.
8     Create customer failed. Field: invoiceSendMethod - EHF cannot be used. Correct the errors above or use another format.
9     Create customer failed. Field: organizationNumber - invalid organization number.
10     Transfer invoice error. An invoice cannot be created until the company has registered an account number.
11     Transfer failed. Unknown supplementary article: x
12     InvoiceSendMethod - Customer cannot receive EHF documents.
13     Validation failed.: employee - Employee no. x is registered with several employment relationships in the period.
14     Create customer failed. field: Customer number x is registered on y
15     Login failed.
16     Unit price must include VAT since the unit price on the order includes VAT.

Possible solution/troubleshooting steps:

  1. API key in use is no longer valid, and a new one should, therefore, be created with an active user.
  2. Check existing orders/projects in Tripletex. The error message means that the number Tripletex is trying to assign is already in use.
  3. Check that the social security number/D number matches in Recman and Tripletex.
  4. TBA
  5. TBA
  6. Check that the date of birth and social security number are correct on the candidate/employee card.
  7. Check that the 'invoice information' field is correct on the customer card. If EHF is to be sent, it must be selected as the invoice type.
  8. TBA
  9. Check whether the organization number on the customer card is correct.
  10. Check that the account number has been entered in Tripletex/RecMan.
  11. Check that articles in Recman and Tripletex match. Articles in Recman can be found under the staffing settings.
  12. Change the invoice settings to ' Send invoice to company via ' to E-mail.
  13. The challenge arises when an employee has two or more different employment relationships in Tripletex in the same period. The solution is to enter the salary manually in Tripletex for the first month, then it will work to transfer from RecMan the next time.
  14. Check that the customer number is the same in RecMan and Tripletex.
  15. Check that there is an API key on the department in the RecMan Economy settings. Alternatively, check that the project is connected to the correct department.
  16. An error message may occur if there are multiple VAT rates on an invoice that are not accepted during export. Therefore, the invoice must be credited and recreated with only one VAT rate.


# Code Message / description
1 5 Unable to export "Ordername". ProductDbId: The value x is not valid or allowed.
2 30 Export Invoice error. Argument: "taxRuleDbId" - the value x is not valid or allowed. Note: This argument needs the target's dbSubId, not the dbId.
3   Error parsing query. Unexpected character: "”"
4   Argument: "projectDbId" - the value x is not valid or allowed.

Possible solution / troubleshooting steps:

  1. Tick "billable" on the project in Xledger.
  2. There is an incorrect VAT code on one or more of the products in RecMan.
  3. This is an error message that our technicians must do something about. Please contact our support.
  4. Tick "billable" on the project in Xledger.

PowerOffice Go

# Code Message / description
1   Export was rejected. Invalid auth data.
2 72 Export was rejected. Department: Authorization has been denied for this request.
3 70 Export was rejected. Unable to match addition article "X" with article number "Y".
4 72 Export was rejected. Bank account x has an invalid syntax.
5 72 Wrong country name.

Possible solution / troubleshooting steps:

  1. Authorization fails in export. Check that the API key entered in RecMan is valid, if necessary create a new one.
  2. TBA
  3. Check if article "X" is added to all departments in POGO. 
  4. TBA
  5. Check that the information set on the candidate is correct, for example, nationality.


# Code Message / description
1 2000423 Can't find the account.
2 2000663 Not authorized for scope.
3   Error: The invoice already exists. Change your number series in settings.
4 2000359 Value contains invalid characters

Possible solution / troubleshooting steps:

  1. The account number does not exist in Fortnox. Update the account number in RecMan or create the equivalent in Fortnox.
  2. A new scope has been added to the integration. The customer must remove Fortnox's access and log in again to approve the new scope.
  3. Wrong number series on the invoice, may need assistance from a technician.
  4. Contains invalid characters. Please check the output of the error message and see if the article contains any unusual characters that might cause the error.


No error messages to display yet.

No error messages to display yet.


# Message / description
1 You receive a confirmation that EHF has been sent with a green thumb, but the customer has not received anything.

Possible solution / troubleshooting steps:

  1. Contact RecMan Support at or by using the "Contact us" form. We need the following information:
    1. Organization number sender
    2. organization number recipient
    3. Invoice number
    4. Shipping date.
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