Create a department and connect relationships

If a company has several sub-departments, you can add the different departments separately in the CRM system and link relationships between the different departments in the company.

Step 1

First, you create a business in the normal way. To create departments, do the same process as when adding a new business. Suppose the department you want to add to the CRM system does not have its own organization number and therefore does not appear as a separate entry in the search results. In that case, you can select the same company that is already there and then change the name of the company and create a fictitious organization number.

For example, create "Superbedriften AS" first. Then, you search for «Superbedrift AS» again, but this time you edit the name of «Superbedriften AS - Avdeling Hurum.» Remember that you also have to change to a fictitious organization number if the organization number of the company is already in the system.

Step 2

Go to the customer card and go to the "Group structure" section on the customer card. There you have the opportunity to create both mother and daughter relationships depending on what is relevant. A department will be the daughter of the main company (mother), and you can easily link this by starting to enter the name of the main company in the search field.

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