This is a feature that can be useful when you have a job advertisement that you want to share with some of your candidates.

To set up this alert, go to the job posting module. Here you can see an overview of all your job ads. To add the alert, look for the button with the bell icon on the right on the job posting itself.


Job post notification icon

This button will take you to a page that looks like this:


The fields in the boxes to the left will be empty or filled in if these are entered in the position that was created. Here you can define who will receive the notification and what they will receive based on these fields.

These boxes work in an AND / OR way. Each box uses OR inside it, and each row uses AND between them. This means that if you add more skills, it will send out an alert to candidates who either have one competency OR the other, but also more of them.
But if you use more than one row, e.g., if you want to use skills and candidate attributes, the message will be sent to candidates who have one or more of the skills AND one or more of the attributes on their profile.


Skills are used to alert candidates who have registered these specific skills. You can add as many as you want.

Skills are a little different in that there is both OR and AND built-in. In the video below, we can see that it is possible to filter on candidates who have either one OR the other skill, but also one AND the other.


This gif shows how to draw skills from OR to AND.

Places the candidate wants to work

A candidate can specify a specific place or places they prefer to work on their profile. So when you add a filter here, the candidates who have set the same places will be notified.

Candidate attributes

These are used to create a filter based on the attributes registered on a candidate. These can be, for example, attributes you have assigned to candidates or attribute questions the candidates have answered on their profile page.

Contact person attributes

This works in the same way as candidate attributes, but for a contact person associated with a company instead.


The e-mail box is where you write the text to be sent out to potential candidates about the new job advertisement.

You can use merge tags (mScript), such as the name of the job advertisement, to make the email a little more personal to the recipient.
One recommendation is to use the merge code @jobPost.url, so that candidates can easily get to the job advertisement by clicking on a link.

When all is done, click the Start button to notify your candidates.


A great way to use the job alert is to apply it to a position that has the skills, locations and/or attributes already included. And also, create a template in the system settings with all the merge marks needed, then type a good text to go with it. This way, you can just import the template, then you are ready!

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