In this article, you can read about calendar synchronization with Google Calendar.

How it works

The advantage to synchronizing with Google is to facilitate the ability to be able to, for example, arrange an event in the calendar in RecMan and have it show up in your Google Calendar, either on your smartphone or on your PC/Mac. And in the same way, when you add an event to your Google Calendar, it will also show up in RecMan.

However, it is important to remember that RecMan should be the master because of the fact that RecMan will, for example, contain far more information about the client you’re booking a meeting with than Google/Outlook. The event will, therefore, be more “filled” and not to forget that it locates itself in the right places (e.g., the log in the customer’s account etc.).

Should you rearrange an event in any associated calendar, the information will be updated across all the platforms. You can even create new calendars directly in RecMan, and they will show up in Google as well. Note that this is the same for deletion.

This sync is only applicable to the calendar, not to email and tasks. For email integration with Google Workspace / Gmail, we provide our own service. See this article for more info.

Setting up sync between RecMan and Google Calendar


If you already synchronize your calendar with Office 365, it MUST be deleted before setting up the Google Calendar sync. This is to prevent a loop of events and duplications.

The following steps are to set up calendar integration:

  1. The calendar module can be found on the left under the Home screen.


  2. In My Сalendars section, click on the settings icon (cogwheel):


  3. Then, choose Calendar sync.
  4. Select Google calendar as an alternative by pressing Sign in with Google.


  5. After being redirected to Google’s website, you will be able to choose between the accounts you are logged on or have been logged on earlier. If you haven’t logged into this browser before, you must select the option Choose an account to add the preferred account.


  6. Choose your account and allow access to your Google Calendar,


  7. After having chosen the account, the synchronization will be in effect. First-time synchronization may take up to 30 minutes, so return to the calendar a while later. In the meanwhile, you can keep working in the system.

Troubleshooting for calendar sync with Google Calendar

In case the synchronization has stopped, one of two scenarios has most often taken place.

  1. You have changed the password for your Google account. In this case, you must remove the sync and then do it over with the new password.
  2. The access that RecMan has to your Google account has expired. To solve this, remove the access you have given to RecMan and then do the synchronization again.

Follow these steps to fix the situation nr. 2:

  1. Disconnect your Google Calendar from RecMan.


  2. Go to and log in to the same Google account for which the synchronization is set up and click on Signing in with Google, or just follow this link for Apps with access to your account:


  3. Press Remove to remove the access that RecMan has to your Google account.


  4. After having removed the access, go back into RecMan and set up the synchronization from the top by giving access to your Google Calendar account again (see the first part of this article).
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