Inquiry module setup

To work most efficiently for your company, it is advised to make changes in the inquiry module. You find the settings by clicking the wrench symbol to the top right when in the inquiry module. There is no limit to the different tags, types, or statuses you can add, although keeping it to a manageable level is advised.


The changes you can make are the following:

Tags can be adjusted and created for what suits your company the best; a typical example might be Sales or Prospect.

You can define the type of inquiry as well. Suggested types of inquiries are, for instance, Phone, Email or Meeting.

Your custom status might be Not Yet processed, Awaiting feedback, etc.

Access to the inquiry module

Like everything else in RecMan, the Inquiry Module can be hidden from some co-workers should this be desired. Under System settings -> Co-Workers -> Permissions, you can limit a co-worker’s access to the Inquiry Module entirely or just to the settings.



The usage of the inquiry module is close described in this article.

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