How to read and use inquiries effectively.

The Inquiry module is where you receive orders from customers and general inquiries. An inquiry can automatically be inserted into the system by phone, email or API. Once received, they can be made into a project shift, for instance.

The Inquiry Module is located under the home screen in the navigation menu on the right.


Inquiry overview

Here you can see a general overview of your inquiries, sorted by date.


  1. Here, you can see three buttons that do the following:
    • Update the overview to fetch new inquiries.
    • The settings for your inquiry module, where you can change/add tags, types or statuses.
    • Create a new inquiry manually.
  2. Once marked, three buttons will appear. These mean the following:
    • The box icon lets you easily archive your inquiries. You may archive more than one inquiry at a time.
    • The pen enables you to edit the selected inquiry.
    • The trash bin deletes your selected inquiry(s).
  3. To the left, you find the filter and search box. You may filter your overview based on these values:
    • Unread – last updated
    • Unread – last created
    • Period – from date
    • Period – to date
    • Change between Inbox and Archive
    • Inquiry number
    • Inquiries with a specific tag
    • Inquiries with a specific status
    • Inquiries with a specific tag
    • You may also choose to change how the view is sorted:
    • Which co-workers is the inquiry associated to
    • Booked or not booked project shifts by period.
    • You may sort by deadline
    • You can also search my associated project

Reading an inquiry

In the overview, you can get some information on each inquiry.

  • Inquiry number
  • Name of the inquiry and period of a booked project shift.
  • Status of the inquiry.
  • Resources – What resources are associated with the inquiry. The types of association are:
    • Company
    • Company contact
    • Candidate
    • Co-worker
    • Project
  • The inquiry type
  • The inquiry tags
  • When the inquiry was created
  • When the inquiry was updated


A single inquiry may have several statuses, tags and types.


Inquiries with a white background are opened by you or a co-worker, while a blue background tells us the inquiry is unread.

Creating an inquiry

Follow the steps to create a new inquiry.


  1. Press the +New button to the top right, and an empty inquiry will appear.
  2. Click here to add a name. It is advised to keep this name unique, so you will be able to recognize it later.
  3. Click here to add a description.
  4. Here you can add comments to keep track of what has been done regarding the inquiry.
  5. You can archive, press More or go back to the overview. The More button will be explained in depth below.
  6. List of the currently associated resources.


Commenting on an inquiry will trigger an Update, which is relevant based on your filter.

Button More

Pressing the More button presents us with several options. Their meanings are described in the table below.

Create Period Create a period. This helps when creating a project shift later. 1651188489802-Screen-Shot-2022-03-28-at-09.37.30.png
Upload files Upload files to be associated with the inquiry.
Mark as unread Mark the inquiry as unread, even if you have looked at it once.
Views You may press this button to see how many and which of your co-workers has looked at this inquiry before.
Set status Set or change the status.
Set type Set or change the type.
Add tags Add tags to the inquiry.
Deadline Add a deadline for when the inquiry is due.
Connect to resources Connect the inquiries to various resources. If a project shift is to be created, a project must be connected.
Edit Edit the basic information about the inquiry.
Delete Delete the inquiry.

Once added, this information will appear in the overview. Click the inquiry to see a detailed view and to add or change any information.


Creating an inquiry from an email

You can also create an inquiry based on an email received from a customer or candidate by setting up a Feeder address. Contact support for more information.

Creating a project shift based on an inquiry

The first thing you need to do is to connect the inquiry to a project. Look at More above to learn how. The project will now appear under Resources.

Below the Resources box, you will find the Period box. From here, you can create, edit, delete and replicate a period. Once you have created the desired periods, select them and press the small Calendar icon next to the trash can.


Once pressed, you will get to choose between the associated projects. The project shift is created on the selected project.


After you press Save, you will see a box identical to the one used to create project shifts. Here you can change the information about the project shift before pressing Save, which will create the shift.


From the Staffing Calendar, you can filter by the Inquiry number and see which project shifts are connected to which inquiries.

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