Birthday notifications

Learn how to set up automatic birthday notifications to ensure you never miss a loved one's special day.

You can easily set up an automatic birthday notification for your candidates. To activate this feature, you go to System Settings -> Candidates -> Birthday SMS. From here, you click the +Create button to create a new notification with the birthday rule of your choosing.


Name Here you set a name for the rule. Having different names for each rule makes them easier to tell apart from each other.
Sender This defines the sender of the SMS. It can be a word or a number.
Receivers These checkboxes give you the option of who should receive the SMS. You can choose to send it to either candidates or employees or both. They are both checked as standard.
Send time Here you set the time at which the SMS is sent. You can choose a time between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m.
Message This is where you add the message you want to send out. It is possible to add mScript to simplify the process a little bit. The mScripts scopes you can use are @candidate, @employee, and @corporation.

When you are done, just go ahead and click the create button. You have now successfully created a birthday SMS rule!


When the rule is created, it is immediately active!

When a rule is created, the notification will be sent at the time you have chosen, and it will be sent as a standard SMS following the prices for this.

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