Frequently Asked Questions – Admin & System setup

Frequently asked questions regarding admin and system setup.

I do not have access to the System Settings button. How can I get it?

This access can be given to you by your system administrator. This is done from System Settings -> Employees -> Select the current employee -> give the employee the right Superadmin.


Note that it may be wise to limit the number of system administrators. Those who have this right are able to make a lot of changes within the system.

I get an old message template when I send an e-mail. Where does this one come from?

If you have not checked to Update message template to the users that already have access to this template, the users will still have the old message template.

Where do I create/change the templates for automatic response messages to new applicants and newly registered candidates?

These are updated/changed from System Settings -> Companies -> Response messages (press edit to change these).

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