Candidate pipeline

This guide is made for the user to understand better how to process candidates in the Candidate pipeline.


In the picture above, you can see the layout of the Candidate pipeline page. Follow the numbered steps to understand what the different areas in this view mean:

  1. By checking off this box, or the box next to a candidate in the pipeline, a menu to send e-mail, SMS, or invite a candidate to an interview, among other things, appears.
  2. This is the candidate pipeline. This is where you process the different candidates, all the way from a potential employee through interviews to hired or declined.
  3. By clicking on the name of a candidate, a presentation of the candidate will appear in the top right corner.
  4. By hovering over these different icons, you will receive the following information:
    • The cog means that a candidate is connected to a project and shows which project.
    • The arrow through the door means that this candidate is also applying for another job and shows the name of the job.
    • The sky means that a candidate has been presented to the customer.
    • The checkmark means that the candidate’s reference has been reviewed.
    • The microphone means that the candidate has been interviewed.
  5. This area shows a reduced view of the candidate card.
  6. Write here if you want to add a comment about a candidate.
  7. This is where you see the summary of how the candidate has been processed through the pipeline.
  8. If the candidate has any notes, they appear here. They appear as a description. 
  9. Job applications sent by this candidate. 
  10. Ratings of a person's skills, education, work experience etc. 

You can read more about the Candidate pipeline here.

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