Candidate presentation

Here you can read about the Presentation feature in RecMan. By presenting candidates, your customer may pick their favorites, rank them and leave a comment.

In RecMan, you can present one or more candidates to a customer or internally. The presentation modules let you:
  • Present one or more candidates at a time
  • Edit the information you send without making changes on the candidate card, and send information anonymously.
  • Add comments and attachments from the candidate card or your computer.
  • Allow the recipients to leave a rating and/or comment for each individual candidate.
  • Monitor whether the presentation has been opened en reviewed by the recipient.
  • Reuse presentations several times.

Selecting candidates

To present candidates, you must first choose your selection of candidates. You can select one or more candidates from:

  • The candidate card
  • A pipeline
  • The candidate base
  • A candidate pool
  • Applications view

To select candidates, simply check the boxes next to the candidates you wish to present. When selected, a row of buttons will appear on the top of the screen. Here you select the button with a cloud with an arrow inside.


From the candidate card, press the button named Presentations on the bottom of the top bar. Here you can see previous presentations, as well as create a new one for the selected candidate.

Wherever you choose to present from, when you click the Present button, you will get a pop-up window with some options for the presentation.


The default selection in this menu is something that is defined in the system settings. Contact your system administrator or go to System settings -> Candidates -> Presentations to change this.


Presenting candidates

After pressing Continue in the information selection, a screen where the presentation is created appears:



Name Here, you give the presentation a name, which will be the title of the presentation. This name will also be visible to the recipient. Making this name unique will make it easier to find this presentation.
Duration Defines the duration of the presentation. After it has expired, the presentation will no longer be available.
Language Defines the language of the presentation. This only affects the predefined text on the sign button and general information.

You will be able to select from 2 options here to make the presentation more secure if needed. The first option is ReCaptcha, and the second option is Authentication.

The two options won’t stop anyone from actually accessing the presentation but will require them to sign before accessing it.

ReCaptcha will ask you to click a few images to confirm you are not a robot, and if Authentication is selected, the recipient will have to unlock the presentation with an SMS code or BankID.


You can only view one presentation at a time. To change the presentation you are viewing/editing, click a different candidate’s name.


Candidate Gives you a list of the candidates. To add new candidates, press the button to the right. You are also able to change the order of the candidates with drag and drop.
Name Here, you can find the names of the candidates. If you wish to keep the presentation anonymous, click the Hide name button or press Display name to show the names. You can also define a name for each presentation.
If you don’t add a name, the candidate ID will be shown instead.


Even if you hide the name of the candidates in the presentation name, the name will still have to be removed from the presentation itself to keep it anonymous.


Here you will be able to select the recipients for the presentation. Anyone added will be able to see and provide feedback on the candidates sent. This could be someone internal or a contact person added to the project. Receivers are linked with contact persons in the CRM module. If you don’t find your recipient when searching for them, check to see if they are in the CRM module. 


All presentations are sent via email.
From The email address which is set to be the sender of the presentation.
Cc Email address of any copy recipients. You may also select the Book icon in order to perform a search after a Company Contact and connect the presentation to a customer.
Subject The subject of the email.
Message template While you can write an email every time you send a presentation, you may also use a previously created Message Template. You can read more about Message templates in this article.

The mail itself will also contain your logo, as well as a link to the presentation itself.


On top, you will automatically see the files associated with the candidate. All the files shown will be attached to the bottom of the presentation. If you see a file you do not wish to send, simply press the Garbage can symbol to remove it from the presentation before sending.

You may also add new files, either one you have previously removed from the presentation or you can upload any other document from your computer.

Any file uploaded will be scanned by our antivirus, and you will see a Shield icon on each file. This icon will be green when the files are safe, and the entire row will be marked in red if we can’t confirm that the file is safe. The recipient will also be able to see this in the presentation they receive before opening or downloading any files.


In this box, you will find the editor that will let you make changes to a candidate’s presentation. When creating the presentation, the system will automatically collect data from the candidate card, such as education, courses, files, work experience, etc. You may make changes to all fields. Note that this will not change the information on the candidate card.

You may also write your presentation, either manually or via a template and mScript.

Completion and sending

In the top right corner, you will find three buttons: 

  • Close – delete all your changes and exit the presentation;
  • Save – create the presentation and save all changes in the system;
  • Send – send the presentation to the recipient(s).

Presentation overview

The presentation overview gives you complete control over your presentation. It is located under the Candidate Database in the navigation bar.


On each presentation line, you can see a small cluster of buttons. These are as follows, from top left to bottom right:

  • Open presentation – Opens the presentation as if you were the recipient. This will give an extra view of the counter.
  • Send again – Lets you send the presentation again. Does not unlock comments or star ratings if these have been defined.
  • Use as a template – Creates a copy of the presentation, letting you make changes or simply send it again. This will let the recipient make new comments and star ratings.
  • Close presentation – Changes the status of the presentation, independent of the defined period.
  • Edit – Lets you edit the presentation. Any changes made will be visible to the recipient instantly by refreshing or opening the presentation again.
  • Delete – Will delete this presentation from the system. 

When you receive the presentation

Overview of the candidate presentation as a recipient:


The email you receive will include the information in the email message, and you will also have a link to access the complete presentation.

When you click the link to open the presentation, you will be shown a new window where you have to fulfill the security option selected.

When you receive the presentation, you will first see a preview of the candidates added to the presentation and be able to click on each one of them to see all the information that has been included.


After you have selected a candidate, the new view will show you all the information that has been included in the presentation for that specific candidate, and you will be able to provide your feedback in the end.


Files are also included in this view, and you will be able to see if they are safe and preview them directly in your browser before downloading them.

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