This is a guide made for the user to understand better the process of creating a candidate in RecMan internally.


Candidates are normally introduced to your system when they apply to a job post or register their profile at your company's subdomain at RecMan (page.recman). But, for candidates who, e.g., have sent their application via email, you can also create them internally. To do this, navigate to the in the sidebar and click Create candidate:


In the picture above, you can see an overview of the Create candidate page. Follow the numbered steps to learn what the different elements are.

  1. Candidate information: General information about the candidate. Note that you at least will have to fill in the required fields depicted by the red star to create a candidate.
  2. CV-parsing: If you have CV-parsing enabled, you can upload a candidates resumé/CV to create the profile. You can read more about CV parsing here.
  3. Upload picture: If you want to upload a picture of the candidate, you can do this by clicking Choose file in this window.
  4. Add to candidate pipeline / connect to project: Add the candidate to a pipeline on a project by entering the project name.
  5. Add job application / connect to job post: Add the candidate as an applicant to an existing job post by entering the name of the job post.
  6. Login information: By entering an email and password, you can check the box to send the candidate the necessary login information to access their profile.

You have now completed the steps to create a candidate. Clicking Register will create the candidate profile so that you can access and add more information to the candidate card. With the profile created, the candidate can also access it using the registered email and password.

GDPR compliance

When a candidate registers their profile on your RecMan-page, they are required to accept the User agreement, Privacy policy and Cookie notice before they are able to register a profile in your database. This, however, is not the case when creating a candidate internally. As such, it is important to consider contacting the candidate to get their approval, where the simplest solution is to have them log in to their profile and accept the terms there.

You can read more about GDPR here.

Candidate affiliation

When creating a candidate, you can also select their affiliation to a corporation and department. As each corporation in a system can have its own RecMan-page, this is important to keep in mind when the candidate is going to log in to their profile.

You can also shield a candidate from all other departments by selecting a specific department where the candidate will be visible. Lastly, the language will specify the language sent in calendar invites to this candidate.


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