Creating an employee agreement

This is a guide made for the user to understand better the process of sending out an employee agreement.


How to create an agreement

By clicking on Agreements on the candidate card, followed up by clicking on Create, you will be directed to the page where you can create and send agreements (see picture above).


Agreement – Layout

In the picture above, you can see how to create an agreement before we send it out to the employee. Follow the numbered steps in the picture above to understand what the different areas on the employee agreement page mean:

  1. Compose email: You start by composing the email you are sending out to your new employee. Creating the agreement from the candidate card, the candidate's email will be auto-filled.
  2. Message template: If you have a pre-made message template, you can select it here to apply it to the message field. Read more about templates here.
  3. Agreement name: Type in the name of the agreement. If you want your new employee to be able to comment on the agreement to confirm that the agreement is what both sides have agreed on, you can choose Yes from the dropdown menu.
  4. Agreement template: If you have created different templates, you can select one here from the dropdown menu. This is the agreement that the new employee will see when they click on the link in the email received.
  5. Attachments: If you want to attach any documents to the agreement before sending it, you can do that by clicking this button.
  6. Create: Finally, you can preview the agreement, click Create if you want to send it at a later time, or click Create and send to send it right away.

As the candidate receives the email, a link will be shown under the email message, where they can view the agreement and sign it electronically.

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