Expired certificates explained

This guide is made for the user to understand better the page containing expired certificates.


The Expired certificates module is a useful tool to see who has, or is close to having an expired course/certificate. In the picture above, you can see the layout with a few features:

  1. Criteria/filter: By using filters, you can get a better overview of the candidates with expired certificates. By using the date filter, you can set a date that shows all the candidates with an expired certificate on that date and how many days it has been since it expired. The rest of the filters are mostly self-explanatory, such as filtering on who is an employee or not or which department they belong to. 
  2. Results: Here, you see an overview of the candidates with an expired certificate, what certificate and when it expired. Pressing the eye icon will hide the certificate from this view.
  3. More features: By selecting candidates from the results, you can click the extra buttons showing up above the results:
    • Download the selected candidates in an Excel sheet.
    • Hide the selected candidates from the Expired certificate module.
    • Compose an email to the candidate(s), useful if you want to send a reminder to those who need to update their certificates.
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