In this article, we will walk you through the simple steps of exporting candidates from the system.

It is easy to export candidates from the system. They can either be exported to a PDF, Word or JSON format file. You are limited to exporting one candidate at a time to avoid large extracts of data from your system. To export a candidate, you first navigate to the candidate card. Then you will then see buttons - Download CV, Export and HINAS CV:


Download CV will extract the candidate profile as a PDF or Word file, while Export performs the corresponding action but to a JSON file. When pressing either button, you will be presented with the following options, which you may choose to include or not:


A list is displayed, from which you can select the information that you would like to export.

  1. These options correspond to fields on the candidate card. Remove the information that you don’t want to be included in the export. Note that the Reference person is only available for export to JSON format.
  2. Here, you have the possibility of adding job application texts to the report. They are fetched from applications that the candidate entered earlier.

Once you have made your choices, press Download at the top to download the file. HINAS CV will provide an xlsx file. 

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