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RecMan is proud of our partnership with a leading cybersecurity provider that adds world-class cloud-based detection and prevention of cybersecurity threats with up to 30 anti-malware programs at your disposal. This gives you access to the same tools in RecMan that protect organizations as diverse as nuclear power plants, financial institutions, government agencies, educational institutions, and information technology companies.


Data transfer channels, such as file uploads and email attachments, have the potential to carry out targeted attacks that can damage an organization’s reputation, financial standing, candidate- and customer relationships. The RecMan solution protects organizations from cybersecurity threats in data originating from various sources, such as the web and email.

RecMan delivers in-depth malware analysis by combining multi-scanning with advanced threat intelligence and sandboxing of data. In-the-wild reputation analysis is conducted on every suspicious file, and with greater visibility into attack behaviors and patterns, cybersecurity professionals can address threats in near real time.

Because singular anti-malware programs (Read antivirus programs) do not necessarily provide adequate cybersecurity protection on their own by identifying and disarming all threats, the RecMan security solution allows for multiple anti-malware programs to provide superior detection rates of known and unknown threats and deliver extremely fast malware outbreak prevention. 

What this means for you

For you as a RecMan user, this means that all files uploaded from candidates, contact persons, and co-workers are thoroughly checked, and also attachments received by email in RecMan can be scanned. All this is done so that you can be as safe as possible from malicious actors, candidates with computers full of viruses, etc. This also reduces the possibility for you to infect your customers or colleagues by sharing infected files.


Different packages

With RecMan, you can choose between different packages depending on your security needs.


The larger the number of anti-malware programs, the less likely it is that malware goes undetected. Since different program engines may detect different malware.

Email attachments scan

With a plan that includes email scanning, RecMan will also scan your email attachments via the RecMan email integration. This way, you are also protected by attachments received by email in RecMan.


If new malware appears, anti-malware programs need to update their malware database to be able to recognize the malware. If a file with malware was previously scanned before the anti-malware program knows how to identify the malware, the file needs to be rescanned to identify the malware. This is why RecMan also allows for extra protection with periodic rescanning of files to identify malware that was previously unknown to the anti-malware program.

The shorter the period between rescans, the less time a newly created malware has to infect someone until it is detected and disarmed by the anti-malware software.

RecMan always scans the files when they are added to the system, but you can also choose different scanning intervals depending on your security needs.

The system can scan the files after the initial scan 24 hours, 48 hours, and 72 hours later. 

Some packages also allow periodical rescanning of all your RecMan files weekly or monthly so that existing files are always checked against the newest database of malware in existence.

Get started

You can contact support to learn more or visit your Security page in System Settings to get started.

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