Creating and editing an Order

In this article, you can read about Orders in RecMan, both the basics and how to create new ones from the project card.

What is an order?

In RecMan, you can create an order for the projects. An order can be best described as a draft for an invoice. The advantage and the main mission of an order are that you can an order or item line early in a process and keep adding them as you progress further, ending with an invoice with the complete details. This can also be done by employees without access to the invoice feature itself, meaning the invoice process becomes much easier.

Creating an order from the project card

Should you be looking to create an order from logged hours, this is not the way forward. This process is meant to help you create an order based on other billings connected to a project, for instance, paying for traveling or billing for a meeting.

Create order

Navigate to the project you wish to create an order on, either from the Project base or the customer card (CRM).

On the bottom right of the project card, you will find the box labeled Orders, and on it, the button New Order. When pressed, you will see this box:


Name It’s a good idea to give the order a semi-unique name to tell them apart later.
Order date Which date you wish the order to have attached.
Invoice date Date of invoice sending.
Invoiceable Whether the order is invoiceable or not.
Our invoice reference Which co-worker should be referenced on the order.
Customer invoice reference Which contact person should be referenced on the order.
Project number Which project should the order be attached to (the project you are currently on is suggested).
Invoice note Note seen on the invoice.
Note Here, you are able to make a note on the order. The customer does NOT see this note; it is shown only internally.

Adding an order line

In the order overview on the project card, you will now see the order, and you have the possibility to add order lines. These are basically what will end up as product lines on the invoice. Click on the green text +Add new order line item. This brings up this box:


Choose which product the line should be associated with.

Product no. Choose which product the order should be associated with from the dropdown menu.
Description Describe the order line; this will be the name of the line on the invoice.
Qty Quantity: how many instances of the product should be included in the line.
Price The product pricing (Per unit).
VAT The value-added tax percentage.

When finished, press Save. You are free to change everything in the order as long as no invoice is created.

Finalizing your order

The order is now saved and will be available for billing. You can edit or delete the order until it is billed, and after this, you will find it under the Economy module and on the project card. Any changes you make to the order will be automatically updated in the economy section of the system.

In the Economy module, the order will be ready for billing as soon as it is saved. Any economy responsible will also be able to make the final changes. Once satisfied, you can select all orders and create hundreds of invoices with one click.

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