Creating an offer

This is a guide made for the user to understand better the process of creating and sending out offers.


How to create a project offer

Go to the customer project you want to send an offer to. You can do this by clicking on the project module from the main menu and then choosing the desired project. From here, you click on offers, then on +Create, as shown in the picture above.


Project offer – Layout

In the picture above, you can see how to create an offer before we send it out to the project customer. Follow the numbered steps to understand what the different areas on this page mean:

  1. This is where you give the offer a name, choose the background of the offer, and decide if the customer has to sign it with an electronic signature.
  2. You can choose your reference from the dropdown menu. If you want the reference to be one of your co-workers instead of yourself, you can choose to change the reference. You can also add the customer reference, set the type of the offer, choose language and add a comment box if you want the customer to be able to comment on the offer.
  3. When sending out offers to customers regarding recruiting and similar matters, you can add a forecast with the value and probability of the order. You can also type in the delivery date, which will be registered on the project.


    You can either choose to send a min/max value or an estimated value.

  4. The email to which this offer will be attached. 
  5. If you have created different offer templates, you can choose these from this dropdown menu. This is the offer that the customer will open when they click on the link in the email received.
  6. Once the offer is ready, you can choose to go back, delete it, refresh it or preview it. If you are satisfied with the offer, you can either create it for later use or send it right away.
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