Logged work – Article view

This view shows logged work at the lowest level – article. The view groups an article by employee per day. This can be helpful if you are to view or manage a specific article. By using various filters on the left, this view could become a powerful tool for managing logged work in RecMan.


When selecting Awaiting approval, Approved or Invoiced in the filter, you will find different options when selecting rows. Read more about it below.

LoggedIllustration of the article's view

Read about the picture below:

  1. View: Can choose between Article, Day, Week, Month and Employee. Here, the picture shows the article view for June 2020.
  2. View per page: The number of articles shown per page.
  3. Shortcuts: Shortcuts to Log work, Project, View/edit work and Info.
  4. Download Excel sheet: Choice to generate an Excel sheet for the marked rows.

A special thing to note about the article view is that you get different options when selecting rows depending on whether you use Awaiting approval, Approved or Invoiced:

  Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4 Option 5
Awaiting approval Approve work Delete Connect to child project Move work Download excel spreadsheet
Approved Mark as awaiting approval Mark as invoiced Connect to child project Download excel spreadsheet  
Invoiced Mark as awaiting approval Download excel spreadsheet


If you want to read about the different symbols visible under logged work, see the article Logged work – Symbols.

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