Logged work in RecMan

This guide is made for the user to understand better the process of managing the Logged work module in the RecMan system.

To navigate to Logged work, use the left-side menu as illustrated below. Other ways are to navigate from the project card or a candidate card, which will additionally select the relevant filters.


How to navigate to Logged work

Logged work is used as an administrative tool to get an overview and for managing an employee’s work. Within logged work, you are able to select five different views (nr. 3) giving information for the specified time period (interval). Each view has different functionalities, which will be discussed more in separate articles. The image below gives an overview of the available functionalities:


  1. Filter: By using filters, you can find logged work awaiting approval, approved, invoiced, or all of the above. Below, you can narrow down the search with more filters, such as customers and co-workers.
  2. Interval: If you want to find logged work in a specific time period, you can do it in this area. If you choose week or month from the drop-down menu, you can use the arrows to go back and forth between the selected interval. If you selected a period from the drop-down menu, you could search between the specific dates. These filters will be based on the output on the date of the logged work.
  3. View: In this drop-down menu, you can choose between five different views. Read more about the different views in the table below.
  4. Download Excel sheet: In some of the views, you can mark rows to download the logged work as Excel sheets.

Logged work - the different views:

View Short description Link to article
Article Logged work grouped by article. Article
Day Logged work grouped by day. Article
Week Logged work grouped by week. Article
Month Logged work grouped by month. Article
Employee Logged work grouped by employee. Article


If you want to read about the different symbols visible under logged work, see the article Logged work - Symbols.

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