API in RecMan

Generating an API key and API URL (For RecMan users)

For developers

We have all API-related documentation gathered here https://developers.recman.no/.

When you have been assigned an API key, you will have the option to define your own feeds, for instance, a feed for job posts. API key and API URL are generated by a system administrator in RecMan under System Settings → Database → API → Create.


API Access

Once created, you also have the option to limit your API key by deciding to which Operations and modules it should have access. This may be wise when your web development is being performed by an external company, and you don’t want them to have access to your entire database.


For developers


Please note that the RecMan API has a maximum of 200 loads per day (reset at midnight) for free. Any lookup after this will cost 0,09 NOK per lookup. Therefore, we recommend caching your feed in your own system to avoid the lookup limit of 200.

One solution here is to download the JSON file and time stamp it. A script can check the timestamp periodically, and once the time exceeds a set limit, the system fetches a new file.

Another solution is to limit the lookups performed at night. By limiting this, you can have a next-to-a-live listing by day and use a saved file as a source at night.

Either way, setting a limit to 200 lookups per 24 hours is suggested.


When performing a GET, use the URL https://api.recman.no/v1.php
When performing a POST, use the URL https://api.recman.no/post/

Once you have your API key and API URL, you copy them and send them over to your web developer.


Our API does not support “Access-Control-Allow-Origin.” As this would basically mean that any client-side operation would expose your API key, we have decided not to enable this feature.


In the examples in our articles, we will be using an app called Postman.

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