Job post API

Used to fetch job posts from your database.


The following fields can be fetched from the database. They are separated by a comma (,) and no spaces.

Job post fields Description
name Name
ingress Ingress
body Job post text
logo Link to the logo
from_date Publishing date
to_date Expiration date
title Job post title
place Location
deadline Deadline
facebook Facebook link
twitter Twitter link
webpage Link to home page
num_positions Number of positions
video Link to Video
external_ats Link to external search form
created Ad's time of the creation
updated Ad's time of update
position_start Position Start
salary Salary
company_name Company Name
address1 Address field 1
address2 address field 2
city City
postal_code Postal Code
country Country
keywords List of keywords
contact_persons List of contact persons
country_id Country ID – see location feed
region_id RegionID – see location feed
city_id City ID – see location feed
first_branch_category_id Branch category ID (see Branch and Branch category)
first_branch_id Branch ID (see Branch and Branch category
second_branch_category_id Alternative branch category ID (see Branch and Branch category)
second_branch_id Alternative branch (see Branch and Branch category)
sector_id Sector ID
extent_id Position type ID

Example of the job post feed,title,logo,place,

Criteria for listing a job post

Criteria Description
c_corporation_id Corporation ID
c_department_id Department ID
c_country_id Country ID
c_region_id Region ID
c_city_id CityID
c_portal_id Job posting portal ID

All of the criteria allow for different IDs.

Job post portals

This list contains the names and IDs of different portals available. This can be used should you wish to list job posts that have been posted on one or more portals.


Example of job post portal listing

iFrame job post feed

When using the iFrame option, you cannot define which fields are displayed in the feed. If you wish to define or style this feed, you will have to use our XML or JSON solution. This URL is put into an iFrame like this:

<iframe src=></iframe>

You have the option of defining which portals the job post feed should contain. For instance, you can add

to make a feed that contains job posts that should be posted on your internal web page (when the job post is created).

Usage example

In this example, we are going to look at how the data received from the API might look when fetching job posts.,ingress,city,deadline


As you can see in the example, we are asking for job posts, more specifically, the name, ingress, location and deadline of your job posts.

The result gives us, in order, the job post ID, the name of the job post, the ingress, the city, the set deadline and the apply link. Both the job post ID and apply link are automatically included.

For developers

We have all API-related documentation gathered here

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