Candidate/employee – mScript


Object: @candidate

mscript Description
First name
Last name
Mobile phone
Work email
Home Phone
Office Phone
Homepage (website)
Profile picture
Driver license, comma-separated if several
Presentation document
Civil status
Employment status
Available for work
When this mscript is sent to a candidate in an email, it will turn into a URL that the candidate can click to log into their profile without having to use a username or password. This link can only be used once and will expire in 48 hours.
Will create a link that makes it possible for the candidate to press a button that opens up the opportunity for the candidate to apply for other positions.
Lists all attributes and answers. These attributes may be added by co-workers or candidates.
List all references with information about the reference person with a link to the form’s responses.
Alias on a Contact person

Candidate – address

Object: @candidateAddress

mscript Description
First address line
Second address line
Postal Code

Candidate – Data-tables

Object: @candidateTable


For data with a “one-to-many” connection, you can have an infinite amount of records in theory. The fields are defined with a “[” for start and “]” for the end after the parameter.


Table name Fields Description
name Next of kins name
relation Next of kins relation
homePhone Home phone
mobilePhone Mobile phone
officePhone Office phone
email Email
notes Notes
schoolName School name
type Type of education
degree Degree
location Location
description Description
verified Verified
created Created
updated Updated
startYear Start year
endYear End year
startMonth Start month (1 – 12)
endMonth End month (1 – 12)
startMonthName Start month text
endMonthName End month text
start Start (month name + year)
end End (month name + year)
companyName Company name
title Title
location Location
start Start (month name + year)
end End (month name + year)
startYear From year
endYear End year
startMonth Start month (1 – 12)
endMonth End month (1 – 12)
startMonthName From month name
endMonthName End month name
created Created
updated Updated
description Description
currentlyEmployed Currently employed
name Name of the project experience
url Link to the project experience
start From (month name + year)
end To (month name + year)
description Description of the project experience
name Name of course/certification
description Description
expire Expiration date
created Created, d.m.Y H:i:s
updated Updated, d.m.Y H:i:s
name Skill name
status None / Unsatisfying / Verified
rating 1 – 5 rating
name Interview title (name)
notes Notes
rating Star rating
date Date
fromTime from time
toTime to time
created Created, d.m.Y H:i:s
updated Updated, d.m.Y H:i:s
notes Reference check notes
status Approved / Not approved
created Created, d.m.Y H:i:s
updated Updated, d.m.Y H:i:s
name Reference person name
companyName Company name
mobilePhone Mobile phone
officePhone Telephone name
email Email
notes Notes
verified Verified
created Created, d.m.Y H:i:s
updated Updated d.m.Y H:i:s
title Title
internalNotes Internal notes
name Language name
verified Verified
level Skill level
name Job name
fromDate From date d.m.Y
toDate To date d.m.Y
companyName Company name
projectName Project name
responsibleName Responsible co-worker name
salary Salary rate
invoice Invoicing rate
description Job description
created Created, d.m.Y H:i:s
updated Updated, d.m.Y H:i:s

Candidate – reference

Object: @candidateReference

mscript Description
Reference name
Title of the reference
Reference email
Reference company name
Reference mobile phone number
Reference office phone number
Reference description
Reference internal notes
If reference is verified

Candidate – employee information

Object: @employee

mscript Description
Employee number
Social security number
Foreign Social Security Number
Bank account
Clearing number (Part of Swedish bank account number)
Offshore Bank Account Number
Created, d.m.Y H:i:s
Updated, d.m.Y H:i:s
Start date
End date
Position percent
Form of employment
Form of payment
Standard Salary
Company name (If an employee is a subcontractor)
Company identity number (If an employee is a subcontractor)
Name of occupation code
Occupation code

Candidate – HPRnumber

Object: @candidateHPR

mscript Description
Approved (yes/no)
Created, d.m.Y H:i:s
Updated, d.m.Y H:i:s
Notice (yes / no)
Notice message text
International (yes / no)
Country name
International ID (number)
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