A simple report to extract information from offers sent in your system.

This report will include regular offers sent from a project as well as offers related to jobs sent to customers and employees.

Candidate agreements

The report will not include offers/agreements sent to candidates/employees directly from the candidate card.

The report can be customized to include additional information about the offer itself, the employee, and/or the job. Read descriptions for each of these further down in this article.

The period criteria consider the date when offers were created.

Below is a description of each column in the report.

Title Description
Offer no. Offer number.
Offer Offer name.
Date created When the offer was created.
Co-worker By whom the offer was created.
Contact person Contact person set as receiver of the offer.
Has signature Whether the offer has a signature.
Status Status of the offer. Signed, not signed or canceled.
Date signed When the offer was signed.
Signing time (days) Amount of days between Date created and Date signed.
Invoiced If an invoice has been generated for this offer.
Offer type Offer type.
Department Department connected to Project.
Customer no. Customer number.
Company Company name.
Project no. Project number.
Project Project name.
Job no. Job number.
Responsible co-worker Responsible co-worker on Project.

Include offer information

If the offer has additional information, the following may be included.

Title Description
Delivery date Delivery date.
Min value Minimum value.
Max value Maximum value.
Estimated value Estimated value.
Probability % Probability in percent.
Total Estimated value * Probability / 100.

Include employee information

If the offer has a logical connection to an employee, the following may be included.

Title Description
Employee no. Employee number.
Employee Employee name.
Employment Name of employment.
Position percent Position percent on employment.
Employee condition Employee condition.
Active status Whether is set as active.

Include job information

If the offer has a logical connection to a job, the following may be included.

Title Description
Job Job name.
Responsible co-worker Responsible co-worker on Job.
Start date Job start date.
End date Job end date.
Collective agreement Collective agreement name.
Salary type Salary type.
Unit salary Salary unit value.
Unit invoice Invoice unit price.
Month salary Salary month value.
Month invoice Invoice month price.
Holiday pay rate Holiday pay rate.
Salary matrix Name and number of the salary matrix.
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