A simple report to extract companies and information about them from the CRM with several options for filtering the information through search criteria. All of this information can be found and edited on a company card in the CRM. The selected criteria for Address will customize the address columns.

Below is a description of each column in the report.

Title Description
Customer no. Customer number.
Company Company name.
Parent customer no. Parent customer number.
Parent company Parent company name.
Company no. Company number.
Relation Company relation.
Last invoiced Invoice date of the last invoice.
Industry Company industry/branch category.
Email Company email.
Newsletter Whether the company wants to receive a newsletter.
Phone Company phone number.
Webpage Company webpage.
Address 1 First address line as set by the address criteria.
Address 2 Second address line as set by the address criteria.
Postal code Postal code as set by the address criteria.
City City as set by the address criteria.
Country The country set by the address criteria.
Credit time The amount of days credit according to the terms.
Credit rating The issued credit rating.
Credit check date The date the credit check was issued.
Credit check by User performed the credit check in the system.
Connected co-worker Who is connected to the project.
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