Frequently Asked Questions - Dashboard/Projects

Questions about the project module.

Why can I not create jobs / put employees to work?

Probably the wrong project type has been chosen here. Here you have to change the project type to Staffing project. This is done by pressing the edit button in the upper right of the project card.

Why can I not enter the agreements I have scanned as an offer/agreement?

Files you have scanned etc., must either be uploaded under project files or attached to an electronic agreement when creating new ones.

Why do I not get message templates?
  1. Go to My Profile.
  2. See which templates are in your message template list. If you are missing someone, contact the system admin so that he or she can share the message templates with you and your colleagues.
Why do the merge codes not work?
  1. You may have entered the wrong code. Check the code using the information in this Help Center section about mscript.
  2. Be aware of where you send the offer/agreement from. If you send it, e.g., from the project, the system can retrieve info from many more places (own company, job, project, customer, candidate/employee) than if you send it from the candidate card (own company and candidate/employee info).
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